Denial Management For You…

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Data driven solution to reduce denials

The average cost of handling a denial is $30 a claim according to MGMA
Are you constantly battling denials, productivity loss and fatigue? Healthcare organizations like hospitals, group practices and clinics can automate, simplify and demystify denials with the Denial Manager Software developed by BillingParadise. Accelerate and shorten your denial management workflow.

On an average, medical practices lose 8.4% of their annual margins due to insurance claim denials…

Denial Manager is a robust denial management software that uses and analyses comparative and predictive data to provide comprehensive denial management solutions. Sounds like gobbledygook? Well. In simpler terms, it is a denial management solution that identifies, isolates, quantifies and categorizes denials to help you lower your denial rate and spot revenue leakage sources.

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Drive Down Denials

Consolidate denial intelligence.
Improve denial over turn rates.

    Get off the hamster’s wheel

    The Denial Manager Software is integrated with several EHRs, practice management systems and billing softwares like Kareo. Denial information is automatically extracted from your EHR/PMS/billing software once it’s integrated with your existing system. Our software does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


    DenialManager gives complete and immediate visibility into each claim and denial


    Here’s what’s in it for you!

    • Discover and resolve critical issues easily
    • Assign tasks to variance teams in a few taps
    • Streamline processes to enable quicker resolution and resubmission of claims
    • Reduce denial rate, revenue backlogs and lost reimbursement opportunities
    • Improve workflow through user-defined work queues
    • Mitigate risks to your revenue stream and devise denial prevention strategies
    • Systematically eradicate controllable write-offs
    • Detailed, on-demand denial reports
    • Increases denial overturn rates
    • Streamlines cross-departmental workflows
    • Consolidates denial intelligence
    • Offers payment variance insights and analytics
    • The analytical recovery engine accelerates the revenue recovery process
    • Bubbles up denials that are recurrent and easily avoidable
    • It’s got a powerful and secure internal messaging feature
    • Beautiful dashboards and reports that offer multi-level drilldowns
    • Point and click navigation that saves time