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    AR Management

    In the current health insurance scenario, AR management has become exceedingly complicated. Evolving payer plans, patient co-pays, co-insurance agreements and more patients in high deductible health plans have increased complexities and payment ambiguities. Physicians need comprehensive strategies to help minimize reimbursement issues and accelerate cash flow. Inbox MD provides end-to-end medical billing services for busy physicians. We have the knowledge, technology and expertise to optimize your business performance.

    Our team of experts thoroughly evaluates your accounts receivable position and identifies denied claims, unpaid claims, and low payments. With timely follow-up and appeals, we help accelerate your cash flow and minimize accounts receivable days. We can handle all your medical billing AR requirements – submission of error-free claims, appropriate analysis of denied claims, and efficient follow-up to settle outstanding claims and dues.

    Call 1-888-462-6963 to learn more our medical billing process. Take advantage of our Free AR Analysis.

    Comprehensive Accounts Receivables Management Services

    At our medical billing company, we assure that your bills are sent out promptly and work your insurance pending accounts aggressively to speed up your cash flow. We do ours and also manage problems relating to AR. Our services cover:

    • Coding/charge capture
    • Payer/insurance follow-up
    • Self-pay follow-up
    • Receivables analysis
    • Denials management
    • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of receivables risk exposure
    • Collections management
    • Medicare accounts receivable services

    Service Highlights

    • Thorough research of accounts to determine a suitable action plan
    • Constant analysis for patterns on codes, procedures or any global problems with appropriate timely reports
    • Regular QA checking with readily available reports for the client
    • System-based eligibility checking
    • System-based claim scrubbing before it goes out
    • Quarterly coding updates
    • 24/7 support technical support, with special assistance during emergencies
    • Reduced overhead (30 to 40% below operational costs)
    • Customized monthly reports

    With multiple strategies for everything from charge data capture and coding to denials management and payment collection, Inbox MD can monitor the health of your revenue cycle to ensure that every process delivers the expected outcome. Call today to learn more about our medical AR management services.